Our Air Freight Destinations

Cargo supply chains, the process of moving consignments
from origin to destination, are often complex and subject
to a range of regulatory requirements, especially when they
include international movements and transport by air.
Air cargo is highly diverse in its physical characteristics
and value. It may originate from, and be delivered
to, almost anywhere in the world, most commonly
as goods being sent from a seller to a buyer or from
a consignor to a consignee. It can take the form of
personal belongings, gifts and donations, product
samples or equipment and even live animals for
professional activities and events. It may be considered
low risk – a regular shipment from a known source in
a relatively safe region – or high risk – such as a more
unusual shipment from an unknown source, presenting
anomalies or identified by intelligence.
The cargo will be handled along the chain by a number
of entities with varying responsibilities, including aircraft
operators, express carriers, postal operators, regulated
agents, consignors, consignees, hauliers and ground
handlers. As a further complication, these entities will
often be known by different names according to the State
or region in which they are located.
The cargo may transfer between several different flights
before it reaches its destination and consignments
will be subjected to a variety of procedures and
documentary requirements in accordance with legal and
commercial frameworks. Authorities responsible for
the safety and security of aviation, for the prevention of
crime and protection of fiscal revenues, will all have an
interest and their own rules. Our Air Freight Destinations
All those involved in these often complicated
movements share the responsibility for ensuring the
safety and security of the cargo and for operating within
the law. In particular, they are responsible for ensuring
that nothing contained in the cargo will endanger an
aircraft and the lives of those travelling it.
This publication provides an introduction to how all
these various elements fit together. Our Air Freight Destinations