Global Parcels Summary

The global parcels market was almost US$380bn in 2018, up from just over US$340bn in 2017.

Asia Pacific is the largest regional parcels market by value, accounting for around 41% of the global market. North America and Europe together represent a little over 50% of the market.

China is the key growth market, representing almost 68% of the Asia-Pacific regional total by value. Chinese volumes reached 51bn in 2018.

The US is still the largest country market in value terms, although China has surpassed it in volume. In Europe, Germany remains the largest market with the UK having been the fastest-growing of the main countries (7.2% CAGR); as a result of its large online retail sector.

Online retail is the main driver of growth in parcel delivery volumes.
Global online sales were in excess of US$2.7trn in 2018, having grown at a rate of 24% per year.
– The largest online retail country markets are the US, UK, China and Japan.
– China has had online retail growth of more than 37% per year.

Growth is high in both emerging and developed economies.

Globally, online accounts for slightly over 10% of total retail sales, up from around 5% in 2012.